Health Vs Income recently posted an article from the New York Post blog writer, Kevin Smith, on The Greatest Food in Human History based on the average income of an individual.  The article states the greatest food would be McDonalds double cheeseburger.  Junk he states goes for $1.67 per 1000 calories where its at least 10 times as more to go to the farmers market to buy produce that will last for 2 days and take up double the time to cook the food.

I ‘digg’ this article because modern day society has not changed from the past.  Those with money are treated better in terms of quality of life compared to those who make below average incomes.  Not everyone can afford Romaine lettuce at $ 2 a head when they can get a full meal at Mcdonalds for their child for less than $5.

Why is it that food that is good for us and keeps our bodies healthy and functional can not be offered in a price range everyone can purchase it at.  Why is food that deteriorates our bodies be afforded by everyone?  This seems backwards to me.  Reasoning behind digging this blog post would be kevins agreement on a few suggestions. 


Push up wages for employers at Mcdonalds so costs have to go up for burgers and people are forced to purchase foods at farmers markets.  You may be poorer but your body is healthier.  Why not eliminate not substantial foods with increasing costs and not giving those a choice for an under $5 meal that is eating every nutritional value in your stem while your consuming it.


Suggestions?  Mcdonalds available for those with under minimum wage or force them to eat at farmers markets and cook food?  Do you think time in a day for the average person is a factor?