I have decided to provide a social media release for YYogas first of its kind YYoga App!

General Info: http://www.yyoga.ca@yyoga

Media Contact: monica@thesocialagency.ca

Marketing and Media Kit: marketing@yyoga.ca  

YYoga is a Vancouver-based leading Canadian yoga and wellness company, committed to providing an environment centered on wellness and quality. Currently offering over 700 classes per week across British Columbia, the company is now expanding into the Toronto market and continues to add BC- based centres. YYoga is committed to supporting healthy lifestyles and communities across the nation.

Core Facts:

  • Uses gamification and social sharing like never before to inspire people to achieve their fitness goals
  • Easy booking: The YYoga app lets people reserve a spot in class with one touch of the screen unlike any other yoga studio
  • The YYoga app offers a dictionary of poses with instructions so that people have this information at their fingertips when they practice at home or wish to review after class
  • The YYoga app offers a variety of yoga and fitness challenges, designed to inspire people to achieve new goals
  • The four main reasons people say they do yoga: to minimize stress; try a new style of yoga; to push themselves to practice more; and to develop more energy
  • The use of gamification in the yoga world is uncharted territory



Try the App!

To learn more about the YYoga app visit: http://www.yyoga.ca/app To download the app and peruse screen shots, visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yyoga/id563965468?ls=1&mt=8 *Contact Monica Krake for a trial password.

Further Information on YYoga Communities

To see the full press release visit the following link : http://yyoga.ca/assets/Uploads/Media-Room/YYoga-Launches-App.pdf

What do you think of the app?  If you have it, tell me about it?!