Considering blogging is for those with an intrinsic motivation to share posts about their passion, its a new form or writing and journalism.  Blogging is important to build the authenticity of a brand.  For this blog post I am using the blog on YYoga.  They post how yoga is beneficial to many different groups and how.  For example, hockey, the mind, time management, seniors etc.  


Allowing blogs to build a sense of community with your brand is key.  Yoga is a form of exercise for the body and mind that needs to be talked about, benefits shared, experiences analyzed and results of the benefits it produces in every different individual.  


My 3 reccommendations for blogging are:

1. Make posts short, relevant and informative.  The reader needs to take something away from each post, without it taking over 5 minutes to read and it must be relevant to the audience.  

2.  Post frequently.  If people are viewing your blog and see the last time you posted was 2 weeks they will think of it as an inactive blog, little conversation so information must not be important, people are into the brand etc.

3.  Always know your audience.  Posting content that is relevant to your audience is key.  Your brand needs to remember its goals and objectives when posting and remember the goals and objectives are specifically for the chosen audience.